Destination guide – Argentina


  • Perito Moreno, Los Glaciares National Park
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Spotting sea mammals in Peninsula Valdes
  • Buenos Aires
  • Chatting with Argentinians
  • Eating a lot of delicious, cheap beef


  • The end of the world at Ushuaia
  • Skiing in Bariloche and hiking in the surrounding lakes – might be a must do in the summer
  • Jesuit missions


  • Salta and Jujuy
  • Mendoza vineyards


  • 10 days


  • Bus for all the long distances – more comfortable than anywhere else in the world
  • Internal flights with LADE, if you can get them (it’s a small airline, depending from the air-force)


  1. Extreme contrast from Brasilia to Iguazu
  2. Chatting with Argentinians in Buenos Aires and Misiones
  3. Whales, sea lions and more in Peninsula Valdes
  4. Ushuaia, cold days at the end of the world
  5. Perito Moreno and other perfect glaciers
  6. Skiing and hiking in Bariloche


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