Chatting with Argentinians in Buenos Aires and Misiones

In the Lonely Planet guides, there is a section at the beginning called “The Best”. In the Argentina one, it puts the Argentinians at the top of the list, and rightfully so. I’ve spent the last week travelling by bus from Iguazu to Buenos Aires, visiting numerous places, and chatting with truly pleasant and interesting people.

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The Misiones province is perched between Paraguay and Brazil, between the Parana and the Uruguay rivers. In addition to Iguazu Falls, it contains Jesuit missions from the 17th century, the most famous one being San Ignacio. The bus from Puerto Iguazu stops at the San Ignacio Mini town, and you can get out, explore, and continue south in a later bus. I really wanted to check out this place and connect with locals, of clear guarani features, because of the film The Mission, with Jeremy Irons and Rober de Niro. It was also a nice break in the 6 hour ride from Iguazu to Posadas, where I recommend spending the night and walking around (it’s a quiet city, with sculptures and murals on the streets) before continuing to Buenos Aires.

P1020052 P1020054

In Buenos Aires, I stayed in a centrally located hostel, near Plaza de Mayo, and devoted 3 days to wondering around. Casa Rosada, Catedral Metropolitana, Calle Florida, Cementerio de la Recoleta, Plaza Belgrano, Puerto Madero, Palermo, San Telmo, La Boca/Caminito… so much to see and such a good vibe. Ah, you can’t imagine how much this city resembles Madrid.


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