From Brasilia to Iguazu, extreme contrast

Before finalizing my tour of Brazil in Iguazu, I spent 24 hours in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Enough to hate it, though also to recommend it to everyone. The urban planning is impressive, and the architecture really cool, it’s surely a one of a kind city. But it’s also a city without a soul. There is no historical downtown, walking to places is mission impossible, locals and visitors (mostly business ones) seem bitter…

sudamerica 147 sudamerica 139 1-sudamerica 145 sudamerica 149

From Brasilia, and after “a mere” 27 hours bus ride, I arrived at Puerto Iguazu, already on the Argentinian side of the border. I dedicated two days to explore the mythical waterfalls and the surrounding areas. The first day back in the Brazilian side, the best one for a general view, and combining it with the massive Itaipu Dam (mandatory visit for those into engineering; this hydroelectric plant provides 17% of the energy consumed by Brazil and 75% by Paraguay). The second day, in the Argentinian side, the best one for close ups (particularly the Garganta del Diablo) and hiking in the National Park. The waterfalls are truly spectacular, and I was left speechless. Places that we’ve seen so many pictures of tend to disappoint us in person; definitely not in this case.

iguazu 3 antes de argentina 030 iguazu 6 iguazu 22

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