I was born and raised in Madrid (Spain), and have been living in Santa Monica (CA, USA) for a few years.

I LOVE travelling, not only the days I spend ‘on the road’, but also reading about random places before leaving, and reflecting about the experiences after returning.

As I was approaching 50 countries visited, I decided to start this travel blog for my own memories, and to try to help other independent travelers.

I’m not a digital nomad, I actually have an office job that I really like. But I prioritize traveling, and manage to make the most out of my limited time and budget.

Hope this blog inspires you to do the same!!

10 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Angie T May

    Thanks for a great blog. Carmen you can open a tour agency. Im travelling to Zanzi & Tanzania in April- May 2016. So great help looking through your blog, need to read on.
    I have no idea where to start but am adventurous 😀


  2. Linda vand der Colff

    Fantastic blog! Like you I work to travel, your blog is very inspirational, on our way to Myanmar and Laos for 5 weeks in Dec/Jan.


  3. Reham

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us! I would love to travel with you since I don’t know where to find people that would love to backpack!!!


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