Perito Moreno and other perfect glaciers

In Calafate I reached the climax of my 3 month South America trip: the Argentinian glaciers, with Perito Moreno as the crown jewel. The pictures can’t do justice to the perfection of the view, nor capture the cracking sound of the ice. You’ll have to trust me: it’s absolutely fascinating. Or better yet, come over to experience it for yourselves.

P1020215 P1020182  sudamerica 241 P1020192

We spent a couple of days in El Calafate. On the first one, we hired a “remisero” to get to and from the park, and walked the numerous trails and platforms around Perito Moreno to soak in all the possible views. We also took the small boat ride that takes you to the front of the glacier, where you can see and hear the ice calving. Before we could get on it, if had to tow a few pieces of ice that were blocking the pier hahaha.

antes de argentina 098 antes de argentina 092

On the second one, we took a long boat tour to other, equally amazing glaciers, like Onelli. We also got to navigate among deep blue icebergs of all sorts of shapes and sizes. And in the evening, we enjoyed a Patagonian lamb and walked around the nice streets of El Calafate, buying souvenirs and alfajores. The only negative point was that the famous Big Ice trek wasn’t available in the winter… I’ll have to come back!

P1020219 antes de argentina 099

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