Destination guide – Nepal


  • Kathmandu
  • Patan
  • EBC trek
  • Playing with red-cheek children


  • NA


  • Bhaktapur
  • Annapurna Circuit trek
  • ABC trek
  • Langtang trek
  • Chitwan National Park


  • 2 weeks


  • Walking and taxis in Kathmandu and Patan
  • Flight between Kathmandu and Lukla
  • Hiking in Everest region


  1. Aftermath in Kathmandu
  2. Day zero in Nepal
  3. En route to Everest
  4. Namche-Tengboche-Dingboche-Lobuche
  5. Reaching our goal: Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar
  6. Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory
  7. Packing list for EBC trek

16 thoughts on “Destination guide – Nepal

  1. Brad Wilton

    I’ve just finished reading your amazing notes of your Everest trip.
    Was great news to be reading about someone that was actually there in Nepal the times of the terrible earhquakes and not hearing what people think it going to be like.
    From reading your blog I get the impression that it’s possible to hike to EBC.
    Just that we have booked to go there in October and wasn’t sure if I was being unrealistic of our chance to get to see Everest.
    Thanks in advance and again enjoyed your blog.
    Brad Wilton


  2. Hi Brad, yes, go ahead with your plans! If you’re in decent shape and do proper acclimatization, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reach EBC… and you’ll enjoy it more with less trekkers. The main problem was misinformation, lots of people in Kathmandu claiming we would encounter food scarcity or broken bridges – all incorrect.
    Reach out if you have any questions… and have fun!!


    1. Brad Wilton

      Hi Carmen,
      Thanks a million for your reply, as you would know more then anyone.
      Its quiet difficult communicating with people that are effected in Nepal.


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  4. Helen

    Hi Carmen
    Thanks for your blog. We are hoping to do EBC next March.
    Did you use trek company?any recommendation for the trip.
    Thanking you


    1. Hi Helen,
      we decided to go without a trekking company and simply hire a sherpa porter-guide for the two of us.
      Apart from being cheaper, it gives you a more individualized experience (you can hike as fast and long as you want, take breaks whenever you want, improvise what to do on “rest days”,…).
      When I was doing research, some of the local companies/guides that were highly recommended by other bloggers and forums were,,, and
      Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip!!


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  6. Hi Carmen! We are delighted to have stumbled into your post about Nepal.
    We are heading to Nepal at the end of the month and staying for a month or so.

    Hopefully the weather will be ok around end of October, as we want to trek to Everest base camp. Your posts are very informative!

    How much did you spend overall for the 3 of you? Including clothes rental, the flights, the Sherpa, accommodation and food?

    Thank you 🙂


    1. Hey Joy,

      June is good time, particularly the beginning of the month… towards the end you will get the monsoon, so you might need to lose a couple of hiking days if there is heavy rain, or hike very early in the morning only.

      Good luck!


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  10. Nimal

    Hello Carmen
    I am planning to visit northern Indian close to Nepal border ( Uttrakhand) ) . There are four very ancient temples, I always want to worship, then going visit Nepal to worship all Buddhist temples. Since I am Buddhist person and practice lovingness from my birth. It takes more than month. I am little question for you. How do you protect, your passport and credit cards while you traveling? Is its good idea to stay with native family or hotel? Would you kindly give me advice regarding this?


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