Northern lights in Alaska – A photo essay

In March of 2016, we spent the most amazing weekend in Fairbanks, Alaska. We witnessed the unbelievable phenomenon of auroras borealis,  enjoyed like kids at the World Ice Sculpture Championship , and even had time to get trapped in a snow storm in Denali. It was one of our favorite adventures of the year, a unique experience that we didn’t think we would repeat any time soon…

Fast forward to October of 2016, when we saw a very high aurora forecast and, on an impulse, hopped on a plane back to Fairbanks! Since I already described this trip in detailed in my previous posts, I’m simply going to leave you with a bunch of images, hoping to inspire you to visit this last frontier…


Sled dog, Denali National Park


Wild moose, Denali National Park


Dim northern lights on our first night – it would get much better on our last night


Scenic drive to Chena Hot Springs


Ice sculptures at Chena Ice Museum and Ice Bar


Reindeers and giant Santa in the town of North Pole


Fantastic show of nature on our final night in Fairbanks!

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