Lions and more in Serengeti National Park

During our first night at Seronera Camp, I had to go to the bathroom and heard some animal noises… seeing a buffalo a few meters away from our tent in the morning made me feel good, like I was not a scared urbanite.

1-055-IMG_8467 056-IMG_8472

The full day game drive started a bit slow but picked up quickly, with a distant herd of lions, a massive herd of buffaloes and a very lively hippo pool. Soon after, a lonely elephant, a couple of giraffes and a cute scene of zebras crossing. Serengeti looked similar to Maasai Mara, if a bit more dry/yellow and without wildebeest, which had already migrated to the other side of the artificial border. Instead there were more Thomson gazelles… and more lions.

068-IMG_8506 074-IMG_8518 098-IMG_8574 093-IMG_8567

We heard on the car radio that some guides had spotted a couple of young lions by the river, and we headed that way. We saw a couple of females very close, moving in an intriguing primal style. We saw two more lions nearby and then the area turned into a circus. There were too many tourist jeeps, and we all were stuck in traffic, as one of the lions had decided to walk on the road. It was sad and we asked our driver to get away from there. As a reward, we saw a magnificent elephant on the opposite side 🙂

102-IMG_8587 107-IMG_8594 106-IMG_8593 122-IMG_8625

After lunch, there was time for a lazy leopard napping on a tree, a middle age male lion, more elephants, a lonely giraffe and a beautiful African sunset. All in all, a very complete day!

119-IMG_8618 130-IMG_8656

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