Atacama, a different planet

The Atacama desert, in the north of Chile, is a inhospitable region. At more than 4,000 meters over sea level, temperatures range from -15 to +25ºC in a same day. But also offers some of the most amazing landscapes in the world, and all sorts of outdoors activities. I reached San Pedro de Atacama after yet another long bus ride, connecting in the mining (and rather depressing) city of Antofagasta. San Pedro is a cool village with no functioning ATMs, constant power outages and serious water problems… and crowded with backpackers.

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Over the last three days, I’ve done horseback riding in the Catarpe Valley, hiked around highland salt lakes with flamingos, and biked in the Moon Valley… Well, I biked on the way in, to reach the rock formation called Virgin Mary, and back half way to a dune for an epic sunset… then had to hitchhike to get back to town; I was exhausted (aka in bad shape) and the temperature dropping fast. The landscapes are absolutely surreal. On my last hours in Atacama, I joined a 4am tour to reach the Tatio geysers at sunrise, when they’re the most active. It was the perfect way to exit Chile, with a bang.

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