Beach and more nature in Manuel Antonio

A few more hours of driving, this time on a nice road, and a quick stop at a crocodile-infested river, and we made it to our final stop: Manuel Antonio. The first nights we decided to stay close to the National Park entrance, in Manuel Antonio proper. That way we would be there before most tourists (it gets crowded in peak season), and we could enjoy the local beach. This area was much more touristy than all the other places, more expensive and “Americanized”, though we still found really good food and juices 🙂

225-IMG_7253 856764_10202676654936098_500066503_o

Over the following 3 days, we ventured into the Manuel Antonio National Park. We saw sloths closer than ever, were harassed by coaties and iguanas, and enjoyed some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. The skies were sunny and the water was very enjoyable, so we spent a lot of time swimming… except the day there was crocodile alert.

1498132_10202676655296107_626201457_o 1540364_10202676681456761_312131883_o

The last night we moved closer to Quepos, to enjoy a nice hotel and welcome the New Year. Great food, fireworks and lots of people on the streets to close an epic adventure!

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